Each night we’ll show a different animated movie, talk about how it connects to the Bible, and then ask kids to act it out on film! The final night will be the “movie premiere” and showcase various movie scenes performed by the children. 


Movies included in “Going Hollywood” include Prince of Egypt, Finding Nemo, Frozen, and a couple of others too. 


Sunday, August 2 - Thursday, August 6

5:45 pm- 8 pm nightly


Please register by July 14, 2015


Children entering Pre-K to Completed 5th Grade Welcome!

Cost is $15 per child $10 per sibling

We’re looking for Youth and Adult volunteers to help us pull off this ambitious and fun week, if that sounds like a good time (and it will be!) sign up sheets to help and for your child to attend are posted in the narthex.


For more scoop contact Director of Ministry Ryan Arnold at pastorinpajamas@gmail.com