Free Concert!
St. Michael Sanctuary
Friday November 18th, at 7pm

Join us to support our new music director Dominika and her husband, Simon, concert musicians who will perform on piano and violin

If you are unable to attend in person,
the concert will also be available for viewing online

Who We Are

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We are a congregation united by our love for Jesus and committed to a common mission to share the Gospel and be Christ's presence in the community.


We are more interested in praising God than just attending worship. We are more interested in serving others than being served. We are more interested in discipleship than membership. We are the HANDS, FEET, EYES... and VOICE of Christ  as we live out our faith each and every day.  

Join Us 

Through worship, we gather as a community  - a family of faith – to hear the Word of God, to praise our Lord, to offer prayers of thankfulness, healing and hope for those we know and love and for all of God’s world, and to receive absolution (forgiveness of sin) and the grace of our Lord and Savior, Jesus, through Holy Communion.

Worship is every Sunday at 9:30am both in person and online, followed by Faith Formation at 1030am outdoors, weather permitting. 


To see what St. Michael has been up to lately, and/or to watch a Live Stream worship service, link to our Facebook page or view our Events, and News and Notes


Our Beliefs


The beauty of being an ELCA Lutheran is you are allowed and encouraged to think and ask faith questions. We have basic faith tenants. When it comes to the many issues of faith and ethical life, our church gives guidance to you and encourages a specific belief or practice. Our church does not require everyone to think or believe the same thing. Hence, regarding current hot button social and political issues our members may not be like-minded. 

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