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Our Offerings to God


Knowing that God touches people’s hearts at different places and for different causes, St. Michael has a number of ways members and friends can donate.

Mission and Ministry 

  • Operating Ministries covers the general expenses of our congregation—things like our pastor’s and staff salaries, utilities, curriculum, office expenses, postage, and worship materials.


  • Compassion for Others is St. Michael’s commitment to charities and ministries outside our congregation.  We contribute to the joint work of the 190 ELCA Lutheran congregations in Florida-Bahamas Synod as well as the 9,000 congregations across our country.  Learn more at and

  • Buildings and Grounds is used for non-budgeted repairs and maintenance that inevitably come along.

  • Memorial Fund – Make a donation in memory of a friend or loved one.

  • Endowment Fund – Used as a source for the future of the congregation. Leave a legacy.


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